Sunday, April 24, 2011

Self-Portrait Sunday - Week 3

Sunday Six

1: Just got back from Edmonton, had a lovely time with family! I'm so sad I'm home though, such a short trip. 

2: Got a dress for the bf's grad ! woopdeedooo. Wish i was graduating. Ah well anyways, I'm wearing it in the picture, its just a short floral summer dress. Seventeen bucks at H&M, such a steal.

3: I'm so very sorry that I have two sunday posts back to back, what a bad blogger. I deserve a spanking. Its been so busy and I've been finding no time to take outfit posts ! Most of you are probably thinking it takes five minutes to take pictures but it honestly doesn't. Taking an outfit picture takes patience, and normally on school days I don't get home till 5 (cause of tutoring and voice lessons) and that doesn't leave me tons of time to do my homework. I'm trying my best to keep up with posts though !

4: ^ reading that, thanks to all of you who put up with me and my blog ! I know my posts aren't so frequent but I'm loving blogging and I'm trying :) thanks to all of you who actually read my blog, I love you all !

5: Obviously I had to go shopping in Edmonton, I bought this shirt in white from Urban Outfitters, and I'm honestly in love. It's so soft and one of the most comfortable things I now own (not even kidding). I also bought a shirt like this from forever 21, it's exactly the same except I got mine for forty dollars cheaper (yay). I didn't try it on in the store, because the fitting rooms were so crowded, but I think it looks okay on me. I'm not sure what to wear it with yet though omggzzz. I thought I'd wear it tucked in with a loose skirt and a cute necklace, but I look like a teacher when I do that. Soooo if you've got any ideas on how to wear that top let me know, I'd love the help! I don't want it to be one of those pieces that ends up in the back of my closet with the tags still on it two years later haha

6: Somewhat depressed, my favourite band is going to Edmonton in May and I don't have tickets, how did this happen?.... 

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter !



  1. it's so difficult talking back and forth on a blog hahah. + I totally get what you mean about outfit pictures.. hahah.

    happy easter doll ! xx

  2. I really like your blog :) Yes, outfit pictures taking more than 5 minutes..
    Love your hair ! <33

    xoxo :)