Saturday, April 30, 2011

Princess, meet Mcqueen

1: Sarah Burton - photo credit, 2: Kate Middleton - photo credit 3: Alexander Mcqueen -photo credit

The Royal Wedding really was something. With over one third of the Earth's population watching, Kate and William's wedding was a world-wide event. I was one of many people who woke up at a very untimely hour (3 am...) to watch the ceremony live on TV. Honestly though, I wasn't too interested in watching the entire wedding ceremony and reception, I just wanted to see the dress!

Before actually seeing Kate's dress, I imagined she would wear something big and elaborate, like princess Diana's wedding dress that she wore in 1981. I was shocked when she stepped out of that fancy Rolls-Royce wearing a simple, yet elegant, V-necked lace dress. She looked gorgeous ! The dress was designed by Sarah Burton (Alexander Mcqueen's successor) and looked incredible on Kate. Burton also designed a second dress for Kate which she wore to her evening party at Buckingham Palace. 

What a lucky girl Kate is, getting to wear an astonishing ALexander Mcqueen dress to her wedding...Oh and getting to mary a beyond handsome prince as well. (ignore the cheesy high school girl tone on that las remark..)

- Shay


  1. I completely agree! I was pleasantly described how understated and elegant her dress was :) I love your blog, followed you on bloglovin!

  2. Burton has an amazing talent!

    The dress worn by Kate is amazing and that of his sister Pippa is gorgeous!

    Very nice dresses!

    I love what McQueen made but they surprised me!AGAIN !!