Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rolling in the deep

NECKLACE -- Forever 21

Hello all, I'm very proud of myself right now. I've been blogging a lot more often ! Usually I don't have the time, and I still don't, but I'm making this blog one of my priorities, because I love it and I want to see where it goes. A big thank you again to all who read and follow my blog :) And thanks to whoever comments ! I read and appreciate every single comment I get, and I"m still trying to find an html code to let me have a reply option. If I get a comment from someone I'll always go onto their blog (if they have one) and give them a comment back, so that's my way of replying and saying thanks :)

I'm really loving Adele right now, her new album 21 is incredible; I still love 19 though. I can't get Rolling in the Deep out of my head, soo catchy. I"m slightly annoyed with the radio stations in town though because they've really been overplaying it, and I honestly hate that because then I get so sick of it so quick !

My friend Bailey is just getting started with her blog, she has great style so I'm expecting good things, everyone should check it out and keep an eye on it :)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, 

- Shay

Princess, meet Mcqueen

1: Sarah Burton - photo credit, 2: Kate Middleton - photo credit 3: Alexander Mcqueen -photo credit

The Royal Wedding really was something. With over one third of the Earth's population watching, Kate and William's wedding was a world-wide event. I was one of many people who woke up at a very untimely hour (3 am...) to watch the ceremony live on TV. Honestly though, I wasn't too interested in watching the entire wedding ceremony and reception, I just wanted to see the dress!

Before actually seeing Kate's dress, I imagined she would wear something big and elaborate, like princess Diana's wedding dress that she wore in 1981. I was shocked when she stepped out of that fancy Rolls-Royce wearing a simple, yet elegant, V-necked lace dress. She looked gorgeous ! The dress was designed by Sarah Burton (Alexander Mcqueen's successor) and looked incredible on Kate. Burton also designed a second dress for Kate which she wore to her evening party at Buckingham Palace. 

What a lucky girl Kate is, getting to wear an astonishing ALexander Mcqueen dress to her wedding...Oh and getting to mary a beyond handsome prince as well. (ignore the cheesy high school girl tone on that las remark..)

- Shay

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A lack of colour

SHIRT -- Divine
NECKLACE, BAG -- Forever 21

Sooo I was in Edmonton for Easter as you all know and we did some shopping on White Ave. They have the coolest stores, like Divine, this one store filled with new and vintage fashion forward items. Plus they have every single type of converse  you could imagine ! The prices aren't exactly reasonable, but they have great sales and I personally think every piece is worth the splurge. I got this shirt over the weekend from Divine, and I'm in love. It was makred down from 60 to 28 (yay) in a size too big, but oh well I still think it looks alright?

I'm honestly not too sure how much I love this outfit, I like my outfits to 'blend' together, and I think the accessories stand out too much..if that makes sense.

Hope you're all having a great week :)

- Shay

Monday, April 25, 2011

Give us Dirty Laundry

SCARF, PULLOVER -- American Apparel
RING -- Forever 21
BAG -- Aldo

Hooray outfit post ! I love love love this outfit. Its so comfy and casual, but still has style. I got my inspiration for this outfit from Bonnie Barton's blog post, though I think she pulls off this look a lot better than me haha. I love her blog, she has amazing vintage-y style, you should all check it out ! She makes herself look so tall in all of her photos, but she's the same height as me ! (5"4) I think it's the way she takes her pictures. 

Ah, I think I might start taking full body shots rather than above the knee photos for outfit posts. I never do full body shots because I rarely incorporate shoes into my outfits, I'm always wearing my black studded flats from H&M or my black Steve Madden oxford flats, they just go with everything ! I've never been a big show person, so I just stick with the comfy :)

Hope everyone had a good long weekend ! So sad it's over booo :(

- Shay

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Self-Portrait Sunday - Week 3

Sunday Six

1: Just got back from Edmonton, had a lovely time with family! I'm so sad I'm home though, such a short trip. 

2: Got a dress for the bf's grad ! woopdeedooo. Wish i was graduating. Ah well anyways, I'm wearing it in the picture, its just a short floral summer dress. Seventeen bucks at H&M, such a steal.

3: I'm so very sorry that I have two sunday posts back to back, what a bad blogger. I deserve a spanking. Its been so busy and I've been finding no time to take outfit posts ! Most of you are probably thinking it takes five minutes to take pictures but it honestly doesn't. Taking an outfit picture takes patience, and normally on school days I don't get home till 5 (cause of tutoring and voice lessons) and that doesn't leave me tons of time to do my homework. I'm trying my best to keep up with posts though !

4: ^ reading that, thanks to all of you who put up with me and my blog ! I know my posts aren't so frequent but I'm loving blogging and I'm trying :) thanks to all of you who actually read my blog, I love you all !

5: Obviously I had to go shopping in Edmonton, I bought this shirt in white from Urban Outfitters, and I'm honestly in love. It's so soft and one of the most comfortable things I now own (not even kidding). I also bought a shirt like this from forever 21, it's exactly the same except I got mine for forty dollars cheaper (yay). I didn't try it on in the store, because the fitting rooms were so crowded, but I think it looks okay on me. I'm not sure what to wear it with yet though omggzzz. I thought I'd wear it tucked in with a loose skirt and a cute necklace, but I look like a teacher when I do that. Soooo if you've got any ideas on how to wear that top let me know, I'd love the help! I don't want it to be one of those pieces that ends up in the back of my closet with the tags still on it two years later haha

6: Somewhat depressed, my favourite band is going to Edmonton in May and I don't have tickets, how did this happen?.... 

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter !


Friday, April 22, 2011


In edmonton for the long weekend :)

hope you all have a good easter weekend... !

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Self-Portrait Sunday - Week 2

Sunday Six

1: Aaaah I need a new camera, any suggestions?

2: This week (like every other) has been hectic ! School is just insane right now.

3: Got back from Vancouver yesterday, we just took a day trip. My boyfriend got his grad tux ! He's wearing black pants, black jacket, black vest, a hot pink shirt and a light pink tie, it sounds a tad girly but he actually looks rather fetching. I unfortunately did not find a dress, I'm not a huge pink fan but it's not my grad sooooo I'm trying not to be picky.

4: I didn't get a dress, but I did get a velvet hair clip from American Apparel, I got it in a light blue colour, which isn't on the website?...

5: I ordered a new ring ! It's on pre ordered so it'll take about two weeks :( but really, I suggest all of you look at the website ! I've told you all about Lily Melrose and her blog many times before, but I can't press it enough ! I'm obsessed with her blog (in a healthy way...!), I get so much inspiration out of her pictures, so if you haven't yet, go check it out:)

6: Been listening to this song so much lately...

Hope you're all well :)

- Shay

Friday, April 15, 2011

bag check

Clockwise from centre top:
 BadGal Lash mascara by benefit; elastics and bobby pins by Goody; ipod touch and headphones by apple; keychain by princess perfumes by Vera Wang; floss by Gum; Honey Trap lip balm by Lush; Sheen Supreme lipstick in "insanely it" by Mac

Clutch by Aldo

If any of you are regular Nylon readers, you would know that the epic magazine did their last ever "bag check" in their most recent issue. Packed by Dani Stahl, Nylon's bag check features an image of several pieces one might fit in a bag. In honour of their final bag check, I decided to photograph my own! Obviously mine isn't filled with designer watches and sunglasses (I wish..) but I hope you enjoy it anyway... !

I just got this clutch today, and I'm so in love. It was cheap and it's shaped like an envelope ! The pattern, shape and leather trim all fit perfectly together. I'll hopefully have an outfit post with it soon, I'm dying to use it. I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow with my boyfriend to help him pick out his grad tux ! I also get have to get a matching dress (yaay!) I'm hoping to get a simple white summer dress, because I'm not grading (I'm just a date). So I want to buy a dress I'll wear again!

Hope everyone's having a good start to their weekend :)

- Shay

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We've got the dreamer's disease

SKIRT -- Forever 21
SHEER BUTTON UP -- American Apparel

Bad photo quality, I know. And I hate that the shirt blends in with the back-round :( nothing but complaints, sadly. Buuuuuuuut I do love this outfit !

- Shay

Self-Portrait Sunday - Week 1

The Sunday Six:

1) I've decided to start a 'self-portrait sunday' weekly post to replace 'how they wear it'. I will, of course, still do 'how they wear it' posts occasionally, but this sunday portrait thing is just so much faster.

2) I've also decided to do a 'sunday six' (sorry for the awful alliteration..haha theres another..)  with just seven interesting things that have happened or that I've seen.

3) I'm so happy that this week is over, its been busy busy ! seriously, you guys are probably so tired reading about me complaining about school. The term's over finally, but it begins all again on tuesday..(no school tomorrow, yaaay)

4) For some reason, I've been so uninspired when I shop. I see so much stuff that I like, but when I try it on or i'm about to buy it, I think 'I have so much that is similar to this', I want more unique things ! I think maybe it's time to change up my three shopping go tos. (H&M, Forever 21 and American Apparel, it's crazy my whole wardrobe is from those three stores)

5) I've got to do a closet clean out soon. I'm such a hoarder. I hate giving things away that I never wear, because I always think 'oh maybe I'll wear this in the future'. And I never do. ugghh.

6) I just purchased a sheer tan button up from american apparel (quelle surprise) and I'm so in love with it, but I only have 1 way I wear it :/ With a black skirt, belted. I need some more inspiration, any ideas?

- Shay

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Show 2011 - Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Busiest week of my life ! This week was the end of third term at our school, so there was so many tests and assignments that needed to be done. But thankfully, my fashion class gave me something to look forward to and to keep me running through the week. We travelled to Vancouver by bus to visit Kwantlen Polytechnic University to see their 2011 graduating class show. Each student graduating had to design a line with three ensembles and give it a name. All the designs were great, and I really recommend going to the show next year to anyone who is in fashion. It's great because before the show, you can meet some of the students and flip through their portfolios (which are laid out on fancy tables in a room with dimmed lights and a burgundy/gold colour scheme). Unfortunately, this year my school arrived late so we didn't have a chance to look at the portfolios, but I got to see them last year. It was hard to get good pictures because as I mentioned a few posts before, i dropped my camera, and it hasn't been working very well since, plus we couldn't use flash. So hopefully you guys can still somewhat enjoy the pictures ! 

My personal favourite? The big, sparkly red/orange prom dress, which was the finale :)

P.S - two outfit posts this weekend :)

- Shay

Friday, April 1, 2011

Its Just Business

SHIRT/TUNIC - American Apparel

I've never really been one to wear blazers, they just aren't really my style. But throughout the past year or so, oversized menswear has been everywhere. I love it, but since I can't pull off the loose fitting office pants (which look great on the people who can, btw), I was tempted to buy this big blazer from H&M. I purchased it last year in march, but for some reason it has remained unworn in my closet until now. Oh, wait. My fashion forward friend did once borrow this for a birthday party, since I for some reason was too scared to wear it..

What pushed me to pull the blazer out and finally wear it was seeing these photos on Lily Melrose's blog. I've been reading her blog for a long time, and I find she inspires a lot of my outfits (I've used her photos in both of my 'how they wear it' posts. She puts together simple ensembles that absolutely always look incredible. I wanted to copy her whole look after seeing her photos with the big black blazer ! I love how refined it looks with a casual tunic and a statement necklace. I encourage all of you to follow her blog and her lookbook page, trust me, you wont regret it :)

Anyways I decided to take a couple pictures of my face today. I'm not quite blessed when it comes to dad loves taking pictures so he usually takes my outfit photos, and I asked him to take a couple pictures of my face. He said the lighting was bad and it wouldn't look as great as it could, but I was in a rush and just wanted to get the pictures done. I love getting dressed, but i don't like pictures being taken of myself, I think I look so awkward ! But oh well, I'm hoping to get into fashion not modelling....I hope the pictures turned out okay, i'm not really sure how to judge a good photo from a bad one !

Hope you're all doing well :)