Monday, April 25, 2011

Give us Dirty Laundry

SCARF, PULLOVER -- American Apparel
RING -- Forever 21
BAG -- Aldo

Hooray outfit post ! I love love love this outfit. Its so comfy and casual, but still has style. I got my inspiration for this outfit from Bonnie Barton's blog post, though I think she pulls off this look a lot better than me haha. I love her blog, she has amazing vintage-y style, you should all check it out ! She makes herself look so tall in all of her photos, but she's the same height as me ! (5"4) I think it's the way she takes her pictures. 

Ah, I think I might start taking full body shots rather than above the knee photos for outfit posts. I never do full body shots because I rarely incorporate shoes into my outfits, I'm always wearing my black studded flats from H&M or my black Steve Madden oxford flats, they just go with everything ! I've never been a big show person, so I just stick with the comfy :)

Hope everyone had a good long weekend ! So sad it's over booo :(

- Shay

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