Friday, April 1, 2011

Its Just Business

SHIRT/TUNIC - American Apparel

I've never really been one to wear blazers, they just aren't really my style. But throughout the past year or so, oversized menswear has been everywhere. I love it, but since I can't pull off the loose fitting office pants (which look great on the people who can, btw), I was tempted to buy this big blazer from H&M. I purchased it last year in march, but for some reason it has remained unworn in my closet until now. Oh, wait. My fashion forward friend did once borrow this for a birthday party, since I for some reason was too scared to wear it..

What pushed me to pull the blazer out and finally wear it was seeing these photos on Lily Melrose's blog. I've been reading her blog for a long time, and I find she inspires a lot of my outfits (I've used her photos in both of my 'how they wear it' posts. She puts together simple ensembles that absolutely always look incredible. I wanted to copy her whole look after seeing her photos with the big black blazer ! I love how refined it looks with a casual tunic and a statement necklace. I encourage all of you to follow her blog and her lookbook page, trust me, you wont regret it :)

Anyways I decided to take a couple pictures of my face today. I'm not quite blessed when it comes to dad loves taking pictures so he usually takes my outfit photos, and I asked him to take a couple pictures of my face. He said the lighting was bad and it wouldn't look as great as it could, but I was in a rush and just wanted to get the pictures done. I love getting dressed, but i don't like pictures being taken of myself, I think I look so awkward ! But oh well, I'm hoping to get into fashion not modelling....I hope the pictures turned out okay, i'm not really sure how to judge a good photo from a bad one !

Hope you're all doing well :)


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