Friday, November 5, 2010

update :)

Today my picture was taken for the fashion page in our annual, and I am now really happy ! I was on the page last year too, but I didn't get any notice so my outfit was very plain and simple.. This year I got a day's notice so I was sure to dress accordingly :) I wore black leggings, a white tank dress with a picture of Debbie Harry on it, a military green scarf, a grey cardigan, black oxfords with grey socks and a black leather studded bucket bag. I didn't want to dress up really, I just wanted to wear something that really expressed my style. I'll post pictures of the outfit soon! 

So a week from today I'll be in Vancouver visiting my sister, and a shopping trip is definitely going to happen. The only place I'm really dying to go to right now is H&M, so I'll need to hit up Pacific Centre, the H&M there is huge ! I haven't gone shopping in a very long time and I'm feeling I"m in need of a few new things for fall, here's whats on my list:
  • black leather shorts - sure it's getting cold out, but I love how they look with tights!
  • military cargo jacket
  • scarves !!
  • leather gloves
  • knee-high brown leather boots
  • long sleeve crop tops
  • big earrings, and bib necklaces

Hopefully I'll get a few things on that list, I'll post pictures of my favourite pieces I bought when I get back :) 

I've been roaming around a lot lately, and I just became a fan of Romina M, a 16 year old girl from Germany. I've been so inspired by her! She makes every piece in her outfits work perfectly together, check out her blog:


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

backpack, backpack..

Oh my goodness I'm obsessed with backpacks ! Not so much canvas, but i'm loving vintage leather ones. I went searching all over for one and finally found this, I'm honestly going to take it everywhere.

SCARF, BACKPACK -- vintage

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I got it from my momaaa

I love raiding my mom's closet and finding old a clothes or accessories she wore when she was a fashion crazed teen! I found this hairbow today, its black chiffon with a gold surrounded pearl in the middle, I can't get enough of it !

SHIRT--Forever 21
SKIRT--American Apparel

Thursday, October 14, 2010

playground playtime

School has started once again ! I bought knee high socks from American Apparel and it made me feel very much like a little school girl :)

SOCKS--American Apparel
SHOES--Steve Madden

Saturday, October 2, 2010

sparkly things...

My wonderful cousins live in Edmonton, where some of the best vintage shops can be found. They found this incredible sequinned cardigan and, after a few months, gave it to me :) I'm completely in love!

SHORTS--American Eagle DIY

First Post !

So, I'm very new to blogspot, this is my first post ! I love fashion, sewing and designing. I'll be posting pictures of myself, models and designers I love once i figure out how to use blogspot better...
I love anyone who reads and enjoys this :)