Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Skin

HEADWRAP, TANK TOP -- American Apparel
HAT -- Joe, Superstore

Happy Summer to everyone (: I actually wore this outfit with the sunhat, but when I set up my camera to take pictures I realized that they would turn out very bad (my test shot is above) because the hat blends in with the background ! So I quickly ran to my room and put the headwrap on, because the outfit wouldn't be complete without something else. I like the ensemble with the hat sooo much better, it's so much more beachy and cute, but the headwrap had to do. Something about it's colour is throwing me off though, it doesn't really go with the other colours :s

Short post today as I am getting ready to go see a dance show :) Happy Canada day to those of you who celebrate it ! Tomorrow's the big day, what are your plans?

Enjoy the long weekend !

- Shay


  1. Lovely!
    xo DC

  2. I think it's just the colour of your walls lol. And the flash maybe? But guess what i like the sunhat with the outfit better too hahah.

    Happy early Canada's day? Lol. I still have an hour to go before it's Canada's Day on my end! I'm going camping with fam and friends unfortunately. AUGHHHHHHHHH

    BUT we'll be in Oregon, with no tax so I can go and buy some of those (or a lot of) ELF brushes and cosmetics I've wanted and such.

    Maybe some clothes but prob not cuz I'M POOR ): Boohoo.

  3. this outfit is so frickin' cute! love it :)
    hope you're having an amaazing canada day, shay!

    xo, eleni.

  4. Nice Nice !!! :D

    I love your posts !! I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of other posts !!! :D

    xoxo A.