Monday, June 27, 2011

It's been a while...

WRAP -- Aritzia
NECKLACE -- Forever 21

Finally an outfit post (: hoorah hoooraaaah. I love this outfit, I wore it to my friend's place yesterday just to hangout, but I can't wait to wear it out. If I look at it a different way, sometimes the hair and the wrap combine to a sort of pimp-esue look, which is definitely not a good thing haha. But yeah, it's a little more out there than what I normally wear, what do you guys think?

I'm almost in grade 12 ! What a bummer though, my summer hasn't started exactly how I wanted. There were two class of 2011/2012 grad stags in June, and I planned to attend both, them being my first grad stags. Seriously, the last week of school, all i talked about were the parties. What a shame that the first one was shut down, and the second I was out of town for. I was bummed, but then I thought, hey I have my Vancouver trip with my friends coming up ! Aaaaand then that got cancelled too. What gives?!

Usually my family and I take a holiday every summer. We've gone to Europe, the US etc etc, but this year we can't because of my grandpa being ill (and i definitely do not mind staying in town for him). I'm not used to being home all summer, so I think I'm going to get a job as a hostess..I'm ashamed to say I've never had a job before..harhar.

Soo, I have a giftcard for aldo, enough to buy a pair of shoes, but I don't know what to get ! I have such a problem when it comes to gift cards because I'm scared to spend them and see something better that I could've bought later. I can't decide if I should get a cute pair of summer sandals, or a pair of loafers that I can wear in the fall too. Heeelllppppp !

Hope everyone's enjoying their summer, it's only the beginning ! :)

- Shay


  1. love this outfit ! ♥ you look very cute ;)
    I hope everything will be ok with your grandpa :)

  2. this outfit is ahh-dorable♥


  3. I think you should go for the loafers! They're practical and pretty cute. You can also wear em in the summer, as well as for fall.

    Lovely outfit (:


  4. You are amazing ! I like your clothes !


  5. ohh gosh ! Lvely outfit my dear !! ♥

    I bought that shirt at H&M !! I 'm in love with it ! :D