Sunday, July 3, 2011

Self -Portrait Sunday - Week 11/Transatlanticism

BAG -- H&M
WRAP -- Aritzia
ROMPER -- Urban Outfitters

1:Hello (: So my Vancouver trip has been rescheduled ! I'm leaving tomorrow and I get back on Wednesday. I'm going to Playland and then shopping the next day! We'll be going shopping downtown on the streets and at Pacific Center, and then we'll be bussing to Metrotown. I'm so excited!

2:I did my hair after watching Katie (of Cherry Humbug) in her "Bardot Bombshell" hair tutorial. I've just recently started reading her blog and I'm in love with it! I suggest you all follow her on bloglovin. THe video was great! and the hairstyle only took about seven minutes, it was very helpful :)

3:I wore this outfit out to dinner with my parents. We went to Ric's Grill, it's definitely a favourite in my family:) I love buying new items, but I hate it when I buy something so versatile and then wear it all the time! This wrap has been worn like, 4 days a week since I bought it! It honestly goes with everything

4:Quick post because I have to pack for my trip now! I hope everyone's enjoying their long weekend !

- Shay


  1. Have fun in Van! Wish I could meet up w/ you @ Metro but I'll be busy this week ):

    Meh wearing something too much is better than not wearing it at all! I hate it when i buy something.. and then just discard it (i.e. throw it into my closet n never see it again)

  2. Have an amazing time in Vancouver, enjoyy! can't wait fot you to get back and blog about it ;) haha

    xo, eleni.

  3. Have a nice trip !!! I love your outfit as always !!: D