Sunday, June 19, 2011

Self-Portrait Sunday - Week 9 (I'm baaaack)

1: hello all ! I'm back to blogging, I just quickly took this picture right now, my hair is wet and i've decided to experiment and see how my natural curls turn out, I have nowhere to be tonight so why not:) School is finally done ! While I was complaining about so much school work the past few months, lots of people left encouraging comments and told me that my hard work would pay off, and they were all right ! I made principal's list at my school and made the honours list, so I'm incredibly happy ! I'm glad it's summer now and I have no more exams to write, finally 2.5 months to myself !

2: After this post i'm going to go back and read all the blogs I haven't read in forever, if I"m following you expect a few comments coming your waaay:) 

3: I'm off to Vancouver to stay with two of my friends in her mom's apartment in a week and a bit, her mom is letting us stay there alone so I'm pretty excited. Also shopping ! Cannot wait to pick up some summer items, and I can't wait to start my fall shopping ! All the stores will be stocked with leggings and sweaters soon :) What should I focus on for fall this year? I haven't really decided on what items I should invest in, any ideas?

4: I promise I'll have an outfit post up soon, I can't wait to get back to blogging ! 

5: So, what are everyone's plans for the summer? Feel free to comment, I'm genuinely interested:)

I've missed it :)

- Shay


  1. Hey Shay !! You 're back :D

    I hope that your exams went well :)
    Enjoy your trip ! Vancouver is a great city !

    My summer plans?

    Hanging out with friends, Tripping,Eating ice creams ,going to the beach surfing , and I'm looking for the sales ! :D
    AND YOU ?

    xoxo A.

  2. YAY you're back! missed your blog :) <3

    and I've said this before, but girll - you need a twitter. haha. it would be so much easier to talk to you. :)

    And I'm excited for fall shopping as well! stores always have the best things out around that time of year.

    can't wait for more posttss !


  3. Lovely hair you have! Safe trip:)

    Well, I don't have any plans for the summer yet! My only plan is that I am moving to Switzerland next week and after this, I no nothing!

    Following you now both on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Thank you in advance:)
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