Sunday, May 29, 2011

Self-Portrait Sunday - Week 8

Hello lovlies :) my apologies for my lack of posts, it's been like this for a while ! School and everything is just overwhelming, so I'm going on a 'blogger break'. I'm sorry I wont be posting very often until June 17 ! That's when school ends, I'll try and still look at and comment on the other blogs that I love, but everything is just too much right now ! Hope you all understand:)

thankyou to all who read and follow my blog :) bear with me ! 

**just realized I've been wearing my cross ring the past three self-portrait sunday posts ! hehe I must be in loveeeee.

- Shay <3


  1. .. you will be missed :(
    and goodluck on exams! xo

  2. I'm in loveee with your cross ring too heheh.

    Good luck w/ schoolwork and exams! The last few weeks are the worst. Everyone's looking forward to summer, and then the teachers drop a ton of homework on your desk. Cram time.

    See you on the 17th? ^^

  3. See you soon ! ♥

    And I wish you goodluck for ur exams ! ;)
    Take care .

    xoxo A.