Sunday, May 1, 2011

Self -Portrait Sunday - Week 4

On my mind

1: My sister is now home from university, so it feels like summer ! ..but sadly it's not and I have school tomorrow uggh.

2: Just watched Obama's speech on the death of Osama Bin Laden, such a weird time right now. But Obama is seriously a great speaker, he's definitely fit for president.

3: I've been loving crop tanks and high-waist vintagey-y looking shorts soo much, they look so summery together. I actually got the inspiration from Naomi of of real world las vegas 2011 (please no judgment for my love of stupid reality TV) She often wears bright cropped tanks and short denim shorts and rocks them !

4: I reaaaally wanted this Clinique chubby stick to wear in summer, but I couldn't find a nice pink colour that didn't look awkward with my skin tone :( Luckily I was called for a free makeover at Shoppers for a new Lise Watier line, and I ended up trying on this lip stick/gloss and I love it ! i highly recommend it, it feels so soft like chapstick on my lips and its small and easy to carry around.

Hope everyone has a good monday tomorrow.. :)

- Shay


  1. Nice post! I have a holiday for a week now so i'll enjoy my monday hahaxd i wish you a nice monday too(:

  2. Awesome blog and you're pretty + watching you :)

  3. thanks darlingg! & I love trashy reality tv too :$ xo