Sunday, May 22, 2011

Self-Portrait Sunday - Week 7

On my mind

1: Took this photo earlier today, didn't have a chance to upload it ! Sorry for the late post, It's been quite the day today. Have any of you had to read Macbeth in school? I'm kinda bittersweet about it, I love reading Shakespeare but at the same time I get frustrated if I can't figure out the meaning of a part right away, ah well. I have to do a theme/motif chart for every scene of every act in the play, and I've totally left it to the last minute. Finished it today though ! weeoooo.

2: I'm such a huge Topshop fan, but I live in Canada soooo I can't shop online, and the only store in North America is in New York ! I've been to New York twice, but that was three years ago and at that time  I was suuuper interested in Abercrombie and didn't even know Topshop existed ! How things have changed... Anyways i've just signed up for a Paris/Barcelona/Madrid spring break trip with my friends next year ! It's our grad year so we wanted to do something fun. Aaaand it just so happens that there is a Topshop in Madrid in one of the areas we're going to ! I know it's like a year away, but I'm beyond stoked.

3: I am in great need of a new swimsuit. I don't know why, but I've never paid more than like 10 bucks a piece for a bathing suit, even though I basically live at the beach in the summer. I want to invest this year !! I've been wanting a high waist polka dot bikini, i love the vintage look to it. I'm quite the newb when it comes to buying nice bathing suits, where do you guys buy yours? An all black bikini from Wall Mart has been my swimsuit staple for as long as I can remember, so feel free to give me advice and if any of you lovely readers know any cool stores that you love to shop for swimsuits at, just comment :)

Hope everyone's enjoying their last bit of maaaaaay loooonggg... :)

- Shay


  1. Topshop does deliver to canada! I ordered some things from there a couple of months ago. :) It's just that shipping is insanely expensive. :$ on the brightside (for me), the very first canadian Topshop is opening September in Toronto! ;)

    ahh I'm so jealous of your grad trip! you'll have so much fun. :D my school does one too, but obvs I won't be going on it for another 2 years, haha.

    oh and gorgeous photo, as usual. <3


  2. btw - you need a twitter girl ! x

  3. I feel your topshop blues! ugghh. I live in California.