Sunday, February 6, 2011

Topknots and Lace

This week has been so incredibly busy, I'm beginning to hate school. My new semester is a lot harder than the last, but oh well 1.5 years and I'm done ! Well done high school, which has basically been my goal for the past three years I've been there. 

None of these items are really new except for the lace bodysuit with the sweetheart neck. I got it at H&M and thought it would be so versatile, but I"m actually finding it pretty hard. Its long sleeved with polka dot lace down the arms as well as on the neck, it's really cute but I'm kinda regretting buying it now ! I'm in love with the brown weeved bag though. I got it at H&M about a year ago and I wear it too much ! It honestly goes with everything. (I've got a really bad pic of it below if anyone's interested)

SKIRT -- lulu lemon
CARDIGAN -- American Apparel

-shay <3

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