Tuesday, February 22, 2011

clothing is rather cheery

I have not been true to my blog or my lovely followers, school is consuming me ! My classes this semester are much harder than expected, and I've been getting so much homework I don't have time for anything else but school. Early admission for a few of my university choices start in may, so I need to keep up with my school work so i can keep my average at an 85 or higher. Not going to university is not an option, and I can't stay in my small hometown (its much too boring) so I need to be able to go out of town ! Hopefully I'll get scholarships so I can afford to live in residence wherever I end up going.

Thank god for clothing and fashion though. Reading over this later I'll realize how cheesy and somewhat stupid I sound when I say clothing cheers me up completely. Putting together outfits for school or organizing my closet is what I do when I take breaks from homework. It seems to just keep me going ! I recently went to Vancouver to visit my grandparents, and I convinced my dad to take me to H&M for a quick shopping trip. My limit was $50 as I have been shopping way to much lately..so I bought two things :) I striped cardigan (which you'll see later...) and this orange top. I love them both so much :)


PS - I'm experimenting with a new photo layout, what do you think?



SCARF -- Aldo
SKIRT -- American Apparel


  1. Lovely new top!

    I tend to overspend too.. even when I tell myself not to buy anything, I come back from the mall with "tiny" items that add up to a lot of money -.-

    Who takes your photos? Or do you have a tripod?

    Good luck with your studies... All the hard work will pay off in the end ^^

  2. I love UR blog :)!! I found you through look book and loved the fact you were my age , not only that BUT YOU'RE CANADIAN!!
    Represent !
    P.S. Your really pretty :)
    All this to say I am following you :)