Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smiles all around

So as you probably all can see, I changed my blog layout ! I think it looks much more elegant, yes? I wasn't actually too fond of my face on my old header, so I changed it just to text.

The purpose of this post is actually to thank my two new followers! Tray and I <3 m i m i, thankyou for the comments and thankyou so much for following my blog ! When I woke up to check my blog and saw two new followers I was so happy ! I reacted to it like I had gotten 1000 followers haha, it means the world to me that you like my blog, so I'll try my best to make sure you're never bored with it !

This week as I said in my previous post has been hectic ! Keeping up with school seems impossible, but I'll try to get pictures up for you guys by the end of the week :) 

Everyone should check out Seventh Door Clothing, their stuff is incredible !

- Shay

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