Saturday, March 19, 2011


What inspires you in fashion? I'm thinking this post might come off as a bit cheesy, but today I just thought I'd  show you all what inspires me. And please comment and tell me what you fashion inspirations are, i'm genuinely interested :)

I spend most of my time in my basement, and in my room. My room is very very tiny, and the closet was smaller than average, so I bought shelves and put a closet together in my basement. I love it and i'm down there often. Even though my room is so small, its where I do my homework, where I sleep, where I read, I'm always in there ! So a few years ago I decided to redecorate, and I surrounded myself with colours and furniture that inspire me and that I love. 

Vintage posters from Paris, they were so cheap I bought about 20.

Bad picture, but I like keep a small stack of magazines (seventeen, teen vogue or nylon) in my room whenever I need inspiration for an outfit.

My favourite perfumes, my number one is always anything by Ralph Lauren though.

I wanted my bedroom to look gothic/victorian/vintage - y, and I think thats what I got? I know the green blanket doesn't match but I usually put the black one on to make it work.

CLockwise from top:
The Teen Vogue Handbook, Facehunter - Yvan Rodic,
Fashion from the 10th to the 20th Century - The Kyoto Costume Institute,
Harper's Bazar: Great Style - Jenny Levin and Glenda Bailey,
Street View: the new Nylon Book of Global Style - Nylon,
The Lookbook - American Apparel,
Street: The Nylon Book of Global Style - Nylon.

All of these books are set on a high glass shelf on a wall in my bedroom, I look at them almost everyday. The teen Vogue Handbook is incredible, it's real and tells you what you need to do to get anywhere in the fashion industry. The Kyoto Fashion Institute book is great because it teaches you how fashion has changed, its really interesting to look through. Facehunter, the Nylon books and the American Apparel look book are all great for outfit ideas. Their pages are filled with photos of street fashion that will definitely get you inspired.

Those are all the things in my room that inspire me. I find fashion inspiration in almost anything, whether it be a book about fashion or someone walking down the street. So what inspires you?

PS - Even though I don't reply, I appreciate every comment I get, and I make sure to read them all. I'm trying to find an html code that will let me have a reply option, but everyone I've tried doesn't work or I'm just doing it wrong. Just letting you all know, I do read them and I love receiving them, so thankyou  for all the comments :)

 ..and I"ll have an outfit posted tomorrow, promise ! :)

- Shay


  1. I love the color of your bedroom :) I never knew Nylon had a street style book,I should get one.As for what inspires me I would hafto day everyday people since they give me a base for my writing.I try to keep a couple traits of a person to create a fictional character.I love your every blogpost and think you are amazing. I wrote way to much :$See you in your next blopost.

  2. i can tell i'd be in love with your closet space:)
    let's see what inspires me? my fave magazine is vogue hands down. i also love flipping through brand catalogs esp. j. crew and bcbg (which i realize are opposite sides of the spectrum). This is by far the cheesiest though: nature. Nature inspires me to put some crazy colors together:)