Friday, November 5, 2010

update :)

Today my picture was taken for the fashion page in our annual, and I am now really happy ! I was on the page last year too, but I didn't get any notice so my outfit was very plain and simple.. This year I got a day's notice so I was sure to dress accordingly :) I wore black leggings, a white tank dress with a picture of Debbie Harry on it, a military green scarf, a grey cardigan, black oxfords with grey socks and a black leather studded bucket bag. I didn't want to dress up really, I just wanted to wear something that really expressed my style. I'll post pictures of the outfit soon! 

So a week from today I'll be in Vancouver visiting my sister, and a shopping trip is definitely going to happen. The only place I'm really dying to go to right now is H&M, so I'll need to hit up Pacific Centre, the H&M there is huge ! I haven't gone shopping in a very long time and I'm feeling I"m in need of a few new things for fall, here's whats on my list:
  • black leather shorts - sure it's getting cold out, but I love how they look with tights!
  • military cargo jacket
  • scarves !!
  • leather gloves
  • knee-high brown leather boots
  • long sleeve crop tops
  • big earrings, and bib necklaces

Hopefully I'll get a few things on that list, I'll post pictures of my favourite pieces I bought when I get back :) 

I've been roaming around a lot lately, and I just became a fan of Romina M, a 16 year old girl from Germany. I've been so inspired by her! She makes every piece in her outfits work perfectly together, check out her blog:



  1. Shay, Abha Mosi just showed me your blog. I am so impressed! Though can you really call that leather backpack "vintage"? First of all, it's hardly a backpack; secondly, I'm betting it's new and was designed to look old and is probably a lot less practical than it is fashionable... Now that that's off my chest, I love your photos!! You are so creative and I'm sure you will inspire many young people to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. It's not an easy road -- I know -- but when it's in you, it's in you... So keep it up! And when you pop into Vancouver to work on your list, let us know! I'll buy you a mocha! (the drink, not the cat).

    Love you!

    your anonymous uncle

  2. oh thankyou, but actually that backpack was my mom's when she was young, and I got it for free, and she got it at a small little store, so yes, it is vintage. but thanks for expressing your opinion..

    thanks I will :)